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GP Earnings

The average pay of the GP’s working at The Parks Medical Centre in the last financial year (2014-15) was £91,369.00 before Tax and National Insurance. This is for 2 full time GP’s and 1 long term locum.

Data Sharing – How your Information is used

Summary Care Record (SCR) – your emergency care summary

Your Summary Care Record is an electronic summary of key information from your GP medical record. If you need healthcare away from your usual doctor’s surgery, your SCR will provide those looking after you with this information to help them give you better and quicker care.
This can be especially useful:

  • in an emergency
  • when you are on holiday
  • when your surgery is closed
  • at out-patient clinics
  • when you visit a pharmacy

Your Summary Care Record will be available to authorised healthcare staff providing your care anywhere in England, but they will ask your permission before they look at it. This means that if you have an accident or become ill, healthcare staff treating you will have immediate access to important information about your health.

You can choose how much information is shared through your Summary Care Record. You are much more likely to reap the benefits of SCR if you choose the enhanced version (option 2).

1. You can choose to have a ‘core’ Summary Care Record
All patients, unless they have opted out, have a ‘core’ Summary Care Record including basic information about their current medications, allergies, and bad reactions they have had to medicines.
2. You can choose to have an ‘enhanced’ Summary Care Record
This means your record will contain the ‘core’ information plus extra information that you think would be helpful for the healthcare staff who treat you. You must give your explicit consent for this.
That extra information could include:

  • Information about your long term health conditions – such as asthma, diabetes, heart problems or rare medical conditions.
  • Your relevant medical history – clinical procedures that you have had, why you
    need a particular medicine, the care you are currently receiving and clinical advice to support your future care.
  • Your healthcare needs and personal preferences – you may have particular
    communication needs, a long term condition that needs to be managed in a
    particular way, or you may have made legal decisions or have preferences about
    your care that you would like to be known.
  • Immunisation information – details of previous vaccinations, such as tetanus and routine childhood jabs.

3. You can choose not to have a Summary Care Record.
Information from your GP record concerning your current medications, allergies and bad reactions to medicines will not be readily available to other services treating you. Fewer than 5% of patients have chosen to opt out. If you wish to opt out you must complete an opt out form available at reception or download from

MIG (Medical Interoperability Gateway) – Your information your choice

Patients in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland now have the opportunity to have their medical record shared with health professionals other than with staff at their GP practice.

Patients will now be asked if they wish to give permission for the health care professional treating them in a hospital or urgent care setting, or out of hours (evenings and at weekends) to see their medical record.
Sharing a patient record will help improve the quality of your care and potentially save lives.

Patients are still in control of choosing which organisations’ health professionals are permitted to see their medical records and will always be asked for permission to share their record by the health professional concerned.

For further information or if you wish to opt out please ask at reception or visit

Risk Stratification – using your information confidentially

There are 2 kinds of risk stratification:

  1. A process for identifying some patients within a practice who might benefit from extra assessment or support with self-care because of the nature of their health problems. The process is a mixture of analysis of information by computer followed by review of the results by a clinical team at the practice.
  2. A process for identifying patterns of ill health and needs across our local population. This is done by pulling together all the information in an anonymised file (where your identity has been removed) to look at patterns and trends of illness across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland as a whole. This will help the NHS plan and arrange services.

In both cases secure NHS systems and processes will protect your health information and patient confidentiality at all times.

If you wish to opt out or for further information please ask at reception or visit
This will provide all information you require and is available in various languages.

For more information please read the frequently asked questions here

Data Protection

The practice is registered for the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) and complies with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Named Accountable GP

Every patient in England has to have a named accountable GP as part of the GP contract. At this practice you will be assigned a GP but this does not mean that you have to see that GP when you visit the practice. You are free to see which ever GP you choose. For more information please ask reception.


This practice was inspected in November 2019 and was rated ‘good’. A copy of the report can be found here:


Help us to help you.

We like to know when we have got it right but we also want to know if we can improve our service. Feel free to speak to the GP, Nurse, Practice manager or receptionist.

The Practice follows the NHS procedure for dealing with complaints. Our aim is to give you a swift and honest answer should you complain.

For more information on the NHS Complaints procedure please click here

You may also wish to speak to POhWER. This is a statutory provision for those wishing to use the NHS Complaints process. Their leaflet can be found here

We also welcome suggestions to improve our service.

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